Advice and best practices for a successful affiliate program

Advice and best practices for a successful affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is simple to set up as long as you have the right tools and the right network in place. To save time, there are specialised agencies called affiliate platforms, which act as intermediaries between publishers and advertisers, offering personalised support services and helping you set up a truly effective system.

Simplify the work of affiliates

Share information and content that is ready to use:

  • email kits
  • banners
  • promotional material
  • comprehensive product feeds
  • promotional codes 

The less work affiliates have to do, the more likely they are to share your product/service. Especially given that your brand won’t be familiar to everyone. Wording is important, so save time with content that can be used immediately and is easy to understand.

Change up your offers in affiliate marketing

Some offers have a short shelf-life. This is particularly the case for well-targeted trading periods such as Sales, Christmas and New Years, back-to-school, etc. You need to update them frequently, both in terms of content and communication channels. This also helps to boost your visibility and to keep your audience interested.

Be transparent

A relationship with an affiliate goes beyond the usual relationship between a customer and a supplier. Above all, it must be a genuine partnership which is based on trust. To ensure that this partnership is effective, make sure that you communicate in advance about commission, payment terms, etc. Advertisers must focus on taking care of their publisher network as much as they focus on taking care of their customers.

As a way to drive sales, accelerate business, facilitate connections and act as a catalyst for creativity, affiliate marketing is an essential element in your toolbox.  It rewards affiliates’ personal investment and is performance-oriented. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, affiliate marketing is a win-win approach.


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Clara Michaud

Aug 25, 2022