Understand affiliate marketing in two minutes

Understand affiliate marketing in two minutes

Affiliate marketing is a highly effective marketing and business opportunity based on the relationship between a distributor and an advertiser. This model, which focuses on pure performance, creates a lasting partnership to promote a product or service, whether in B2C or B2B. Whether you are a pure player in online sales, or it is just one acquisition channel amongst many, affiliate marketing is a low-cost, high reward approach to increase your sales and raise awareness of your website and its products. Allow us to explain.

Affiliate marketing : a zero-risk business model

Content publishers who develop expertise on a particular subject through a blog, a website, videos or regular posts on social networks all offer advertisers an interesting opportunity. Advertisers can work with them to showcase their products and pay the content publishers for the conversions generated. This is a performance-based strategy: a model whereby advertisers only pay based on key objectives: a click, a purchase, a download (white paper, mobile application, etc.), a subscription to a newsletter, etc. Monetising this audience allows publishers to finance their content and development projects. The advertiser, meanwhile, is guaranteed to reach a specific audience and show a well-managed ROI.

Why include affiliation in your marketing mix in 2022

When you start your online business, you don’t always know where to begin to promote your site and start generating sales quickly. 

Affiliate marketing gives you access to:

  •  All the tools you need to track, drive and optimise your affiliate program.
  •  A powerful network of publishers.
  •  Automated management of your affiliates’ payments: gone is the hassle of issuing individual invoices at the end of the month; affiliation platforms take care of that for you.
  • The budget is controlled because you only pay for the result.

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Clara Michaud

Apr 06, 2022